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Christine Trimpe Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Stop losing your weight loss battle.

Start gaining victory in your physical, emotional, 

and spiritual health!

Journey with Coach Christine and learn to crave well, live well,
and finally be free . . .


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Why Work with Coach Christine?
What can you expect when you finally live free with SUGARFREED™?


When you ditch sugar, you will become a fat-burner. You'll finally start losing the weight and healing other health conditions!


Cravings will be eliminated, brain fog lifted, and your positive energy will improve your mood and help you handle food emotions!


Don't neglect the fact that you've been uniquely created in body, mind, and spirit! When you eat well, you feel better and serve better!

Total Transformation

Improving your whole health, body, mind, and spirit is truly a total life transformation––it's a matter of the heart!

Christine's inspiring success story
has impacted people around the world.

Look for Christine’s story on newsstands today! She is on the cover of the
Woman’s World Special Edition magazine Heal Your Liver!


Client Testimonials

"As a lifelong just the first two weeks I experienced notable health benefits."

I am so glad I connected with Coach Christine to live sugar-free! As a life-long dieter, I tried something new (a low-carb lifestyle) and to my surprise––I am loving it. I have already lost weight and in just the first two weeks I experienced notable health benefits. 

Besides being infused with joy, Christine is also filled with information and points her followers in the direction of finding out what works for them personally.

I highly recommend connecting with Christine for those interested in healthy lifestyle changes.” 

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Debbie Alsdorf | Author, Speaker & Life Coach | Arizona

"My pain level is down, and I no longer need my cane!!! I walk several days a week and I've lost 15 pounds!!!"

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Debbie's Testimonial