Rejoice, Weary World! Don't let the chaos of Christmas steal your joy!

Rediscover Joy this Christmas with Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke

Is the Holiday Chaos Stealing Your Joy?

The holiday season can be a whirlwind of activity, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the true joy of Christmas.

What Readers Are Saying


A Blessing to Read in All Seasons
I was given a copy of this book in August and was in a place of seeking true joy. From the first page, my heart was filled with encouragement and joy! No need to wait for Christmas. Buy this book now so you, too, can begin to know the true joy of the Lord.

Carolyn L.

Helps focus your celebrations
I got this book several years ago and a group of us at church read it together. I did it a couple times and now we will do Christmas in July. I love section how she focuses on relatable topics. Each time I read Luke and her devotion something different stands out.


Praise for this book!
I've read this book 2 years in a row now, and given it as a gift to three other people. Basically, starting December 1 you read a chapter of the book of Luke, followed by a chapter in this book. It's life-changing.

Jennifer Nelson

Great book for the Christmas season!
I read a chapter of Luke each day during Christmas and I read this book as a supplement. This book helped me to keep my focus on Jesus during the Christmas season. Some of the passages in Luke were difficult for me to understand but this book helped me to understand the Bible better.

Michelle Ruddell

Find true Joy!
This journey through the gospel of Luke was perfect to focus my thoughts on Jesus during the hustle and bustle of Christmas. When the holidays are hectic, it’s easy to lose the joy of the season. Christine brings our focus back to the incredible gift of our Savior and the joy we have in Him.

On December 1 Begin Your 25-Day Joy-Seeking Journey, a New Annual Tradition!

Christine’s devotional offers a delightful roadmap to navigate the holiday chaos, day by day, and rediscover the joy of Christmas. It’s a journey you’ll treasure year after year.

In this joy-seeking journey, you will:

Experience the transformative power of God's abundant joy in Luke's gospel story.

Discover how the joy of the Lord sustains in uncertain times and stormy circumstances.

Proclaim boldly the good news of great joy and bring hope to a weary world.


Experience the Fullness of Joy

Through this journey, you’ll find the transformative power of God’s abundant joy, even in the midst of holiday chaos, bringing hope and renewal.

Meet the Author

Meet Your Guide, Joy-Seeker Christine Trimpe

Christine Trimpe is a multi-award-winning author, speaker. After losing over a hundred pounds, God instilled a passion for inspiring and motivating women to pursue their body, mind, and spirit’s whole health and wellness with joy

Through her writing, she invites readers to live in the joy of the Lord despite their circumstances. When we seek joy, we can speak joy to a weary world. Invite her to speak at

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Embrace the joy of the Lord as you dive into daily devotionals, personal stories, and reflections that will uplift your spirit and change your perspective.

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Become a Joy-Seeker this Christmas season. Share the gift of Seeking Joy Through the Gospel of Luke with loved ones and spread the good news of great joy to a weary world.

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