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I help women
do hard things.

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Lose Weight

Want to lose weight once & for all?


Want to strengthen spiritual disciplines?


Want a speaker who inspires action?

Something in your life feels out of control.

Whether you’re unsettled with life as you know it, feel downright defeated, or find yourself somewhere in between, it’s natural to long for better. But as your determination intensifies, the little voice in your head may, too…

“Not this again.”
“You’re wasting your time.”
“You can’t do hard things.”

But you are. In so many areas of your life, you’re killing it.
So that little voice in your head? It’s time we change her tune.

Hi, I’m


I had that cringy voice in my head, too. I hit my limit with her at the bottom of a literal mountain I wanted to climb but couldn’t. Sitting on a rock, as my husband went without me, I cried out to God. “I’m so tired of the heaviness!” I happened to be carrying 100 extra pounds on my body, but it was chains that I felt that day—cravings that cemented me to my circumstances.

God heard the desperation in my voice and saw the mustard seed of faith that brought me to Him. With that came hope, and He led me on a step-by-step journey to freedom. Now, I’m a freedom fanatic. The only thing I can imagine doing with my life is helping other women break free from whatever separates them from the joy they deserve.

Learn with me.

I am always dreaming about ways to meet women where they are.
Here are three resources to choose from today.

2 images of Christine before and after she completed her SugarFreed Me course

SugarFreed Me

a weight loss solution

Learn how I broke up with sugar, lost more than 100 lbs, and replaced unhealthy cravings with healthy ones.

Cover of Christine's book, Seeking Joy in different formats

Seeking Joy

a daily devotional

Read Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke: A Christmas to Calvary Advent Countdown and rediscover joy!

Christine standing behind a pulpit, giving a speech

Craving a Heart of Joy

an inspirational talk

Invite me to give my signature talk at your next event, or let’s dream about a custom solution for your group.

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Christine Trimpe is nothing short of a stick of dynamite in a five-foot package! She loves the Lord, life, and others. She delivers more than a packed punch—she delivers all that God has given her with joy!

Tammy Whitehurst


What I love about Christine is her deep connection with the audience and clients, rooted in her commitment to Jesus. Guided by the Holy Spirit, she shares personal testimonies that resonate. Her warm, genuine personality, filled with grace, blesses everyone fortunate enough to hear her.

Pat Maslowsky


Christine is a dynamic, transparent, and inspirational speaker and coach whose integrity shines through every part of her story. A true woman of God, and listening to her is an absolute blessing!

Katrina Fournier


Christine sitting in front of the camera smiling

Here’s what you can expect across the board.

However you choose to engage with me or my content, you should know that I require some important swaps:

Shame for truth. Anything you’re feeling in this moment has been felt before. We honor the pain, but we don’t stand for the shame. With abundant kindness, we begin to replace lies with God’s truth about our worth—no matter what.

Apathy for action. Everything we talk about is paired with practical action. So even if you’ve felt stuck for decades, my step-by-step roadmaps help you take what’s in your head and heart and turn it into real-life transformation.

Chains for joy. With the hope that better is out there and faith that God can help you achieve it, I want to invite you to take a deep breath, believe that you are worthy, and celebrate whatever baby step you can say “yes” to today. It’s enough.

Deal? Great.

Let’s get to the good part!

Joy awaits.

Joy awaits.

Cheering for those you love from the sidelines carries tremendous value, but what if you were also fully in the game?

I can tell you from personal experience that I never knew joy like this was possible. I couldn’t conceive it, and I still have a hard time describing it.
It can only be of God—and it’s yours for the taking.