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It’s no secret that, as women, we carry a lot.

With each passing year, our “backpack” gets a little heavier and the mountain a little higher. It’s exhausting to keep up, let alone lead the way. Whatever the weight—addiction, guilt, shame, grief, fear—it’s time to leave it behind. That’s precisely what I help women do.

As an author, speaker, and weight-loss coach, I help women shed bulk (literally and figuratively) so they can step into the joy they deserve.

I’d really love to know you!

Until then, here’s a recent talk so you can get to know me.

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A stick of dynamite in a five-foot package

Tammy Whitehurst, Co-Director of the Christian Communicators Conference

People call me the “how gal.”

Here’s my shtick:  I say hard things with extreme kindness. With a leading spiritual gift of exhortation, I can’t help but call women to a more purposeful life, then guide them to it with step-by-step “how-tos” that apply to most everything.

Personally, I thought my biggest trial in life would be a decades-long battle against obesity, but when I finally lost the extra 100 pounds I was carrying, something terrible struck our family. My son was diagnosed with a brain injury following a car accident. This season of suffering flipped our lives upside down, but thankfully, my heart remained right-side up. The fact that I haven’t regained my weight in the midst of it all is a miracle, which makes me more certain than ever that the practical guidance I give women genuinely works. I’d love to partner with you to see what kind of hope we can spark together!

Christine Trimpe is nothing short of a stick of dynamite in a five-foot package! She loves the Lord, life, and others. She delivers more than a packed punch—she delivers all that God has given her with joy!

Tammy Whitehurst

Co-Director of Christian Communicators Conference, Texas

Christine Trimpe is a wonderful blend of speaker, author, and mentor. Her warm and inviting teaching style offers practical tips and tools for success. Christine imparts wisdom in a way that inspires and empowers. I wholeheartedly recommend Christine for your event.

Mary R. Snyder

Founder of Activate and Take the Stage Speakers, Alabama

Christine exudes a passion for God, infusing joy and engagement into her talks. Your audience will depart with a richer understanding of God’s truth and principles. Whether exploring scriptures or celebrating God’s goodness, Christine invites the audience to step up and step out into their own freedom story. Don’t miss out!

Cyndi Daves

Jesus for Real Women Radio Host, Georgia

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Here’s what I talk about.

When I ask women what’s keeping them from true joy and true freedom, everyone has an idea. They fill in the blanks differently, but few have to think hard about their answers. Whatever comes to mind probably taunts them hundreds of times a day. My talks are all about overcoming those hard things, once and for all, and replacing the energy spent with spiritual disciplines that awaken transformative joy.

Embrace the Truth: Unchain for Joyful Change

Seek Joy to Speak Joy to the Weary World
(Christmas message)

Facing Hardships with a Heart of Joy (Multi-Part for Weekend Retreats)

Navigating Storms: Strengthening Your Resilience, Health, and Wellness

Crush Your Cravings: The Ultimate Wellness Workshop for Christian Women

Speaking Joy: Embracing Courage in Every Circumstance

Christine smiling, with microphone in hands

Christine has a huge heart for encouraging women to grow in their relationship with Jesus. She is authentic, transparent, and a blessing to everyone who hears her story.

Christina England


Christine’s joy for the Lord and her heart for women is so obvious after a few moments of hearing her speak. Her message is encouraging and inspirational.

Denise Jewell


Christine speaks from her heart with humility and humor. She is willing to speak honestly about her highs and lows and her journey through life with God’s loving guidance.

Sally Hart


Before you book, you might be wondering…

Who is your ideal audience?

Christian women who feel stuck in at least one area of their lives (don’t we all!?).

What are your speaking fees?

I tailor my speaking fees to the unique needs of each event, taking into consideration factors such as location, duration, and the overall scope of the engagement. I’m committed to building meaningful partnerships with event planners, and I’m open to discussing various arrangements that align with both our goals. Let’s connect to explore how we can best work together!

Will you do longer form events, like workshops and retreats?

Absolutely! Let’s chat about your event.

Do you generally reserve time for a live Q&A?

Sometimes! We can do whatever works best for your event.

What audio/visual equipment do you require?

A microphone and sometimes a projector, screen, and connection to my MacBook Pro would be used during the presentation. We can chat about this on a phone call!

What's your cancellation policy?

When you hire me for an event, I protect that time, making it unavailable to others. However, I fully recognize that plans change, so I try to remain as flexible as possible. Generally, I require a 90-day written notice to cancel our engagement and receive a refund of your deposit. Should you cancel with notice of fewer than 90 days, the deposit will be retained, and you can rebook the date.

How far will you travel?

The sky is the limit!

Have another question? Reach out!