but don't know
where to start?
Let's set our resolve and journey together
in 2022!

OH NO!!! The cart has closed for the
January 2022 CHALLENGE!!!

But the next challenge will start soon.
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You can step into God's plan for your life and
transform your health once and for all.
Join me in the new for 2022 launch of the 21 Day [RE]Solve Challenge.
Next Challenge Dates: to be announced soon!
Together we will pursue
Sugar•FREED and Joy Fueled Living: Body, Mind, & Spirit!

Restore Your Body

Lessons on choosing a proper way to eat to heal and fuel your body. Explore living Sugar-FREED with healthy alternatives plus strategies to choose satisfying and satiating food from God's bounty!
(Tools such as Keto, Low-Carb, Fasting, and more. Healing your body is "all about the hormones!")

Renew Your Mind

Examine and evaluate daily choices and how they impact your health.
Eat healthier = Think clearer.
Heal your mindset, experience greater motivation for healthy results!

Revive Your Spirit

Strengthen your relationship with Jesus by leaning in and applying lessons from
Scripture related to healthy living.

“I’ve tried. I’ve tried everything . . .  no program works for me . . .  pass me a tissue!

“My life is chaos. Kids need this. Hubby needs that. Self care? HAH! Maybe someday . . .”

“I’m an overwhelmed. HOT. MESS. I start and stop and start and stop again. Help me, sister!”

Frustrated Woman
Thinking Woman

HEALTHY LIVING is available wholly to you, sister!

Do you trust Jesus? Yes, and amen!

He will fill your body, mind, and spirit.

If you ask Him, He will meet you in your mess.

That’s a fact!

Ahhh...another new year!!!!

Another opportunity to set your
RESOLVE!!! C'mon–you're invited to try for the first time (solve) or try again (resolve)!!!!

“I always start the year off doing so well. Counting calories, going to the gym . . .  and then . . .  sigh!

“Thinking about starting again gives me hives . . .”

“Can I do something new in 2022?!? YES, I’ve got to take back control now. Let’s do this!”

21 Days Frazzled Mom
Facts Myths

Three Myths Holding You Back!

Myth 1
Myth 2
Myth 3

What do I know about healthy living?

Christine Before Tigers
Christine After
Christine Before Winter

By following a sugar-free, low-carb, and fasting lifestyle, I've experienced a life-changing

JOY•FUELED journey with Jesus! I'm Sugar•FREED!!!

For 5 years now, I’ve lived Sugar-FREED and Joy•Fueled. During this journey, I’ve healed
physically, emotionally, and best of all––spiritually.

Before and After Christine

It's a story of BEFORE and AFTER because of Jesus!

Just a few short years ago, I was morbidly obese, 100 pounds overweight with many chronic health ailments. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. And crabby. Oh yea, my kids nicknamed me “Crabby Patty.”


For three decades I attempted all the man-made diets in my own power, only to fail over and over again. Sigh…


Imagine. My pain lasted almost as long as the Israelites wandering in the desert! Not only did my body hurt, but so did my mind, heart, and spirit.


I finally turned to the One who heals. God heard the cries of my heart and delivered me from my afflictions. Praise Jesus. I lost the 100 pounds and reversed all my chronic ailments. Woot, woot!


My gift arrived in the process of quitting sugar, eating real food, and landing on the low carb lifestyle. Little did I know that quitting sugar would bring such joy in living Sugar-FREED! Now I see––I see––the BIG picture or living wholly while striving for holiness every day.









And it’s been my absolute delight to inspire hundreds of women to lose thousands of pounds and heal their body, mind, and spirit. My heart is overflowing with joy to share this hope with you!

Before & After Weddings

Now imagine your own BEFORE & AFTER story!

You can launch your journey today!

God gives us a roadmap in His Word.

Now is the time for you to CHOOSE a different path.

The door is open for your new adventure to experience
Sugar•FREED & JOY•FUELED LIVING and a healthy lifestyle.


This is NOT, "...yet another diet plan."
It's a healthy, wholly, and holy lifestyle plan.

B-I-G Difference!

Check out some stories from recent participants:

Athena Dean Holtz headshot

"I gained way too much weight during the pandemic. AND God invaded my life in an astonishing way. I've completely changed..."

“Christine’s “21 Day Challenge” was just what I needed. I gained way too much weight during the pandemic. Plus I’ve lived a lifetime of roller coaster weight loss and gain and never really approached it from a spiritual perspective with an emphasis on whole health. I needed to adjust my thinking about food and see what it had become. WOW.

God has invaded my life in an astonishing way. I’ve completely changed the way I think about what I eat and how I keep my body fit. It has been a Godsend. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!”

Athena Dean Holtz
Publisher, Speaker, Podcaster, & Pastor’s Wife

"As a lifelong just the first two weeks I experienced notable health benefits."

“I am so glad I joined Christine’s “21 Day Challenge”! As a life-long dieter, I tried something new (a low-carb lifestyle)  and to my surprise––I am loving it. I have already lost weight and in just the first two weeks I experienced notable health benefits.

Besides being infused with joy, Christine is also filled with information and points her followers in the direction of finding out what works for them personally.

I highly recommend connecting with Christine for those interested in holy and healthy lifestyle changes.” 

Debbie Alsdorf
Author, Speaker, & Life Coach

Debbie Alsdorf headshot
Recipe for Joy Fueled Living

You have what it takes to live healthy body, mind, and spirit for God's glory!


• A commitment to transform unhealthy habits
(oh yeah, sister, this is hard work)!

• A promise to yourself to ditch your emotional baggage.

• A promise to God to connect with Him every day.

God shares the recipe.

We mix the ingredients.

Jesus seasons everything with JOY!

So you're asking, "Christine, where do I start?"

I say, "Hey, I'm overjoyed you asked!"

 The 21 Day [RE]Solve Challenge is a 3-week challenge 

to jumpstart your health and healing journey:

Body, Mind, and Spirit!

Want to quit eating junk? Join me!

Want to start feeling better? Join me!

Want to get get your energy back? Join me!

Want to lose weight or reverse chronic health issues? Join me

Launch your journey to better health and wellness:

RESTORE your body.

RENEW your mind.

REVIVE your spirit.

And walk with Jesus in Sugar-FREED & Joy Fueled Living!



PLUS make new friends along the way!
Connect in community––God's plan for us!

Christina Custodio headshot

"In twenty-one days, I gained more energy AND my clothes finally fit well!"

“Christine’s “21 Days in 2021 Challenge” was a Godsend! To participate in something that was more than just a cliché “New Year’s Resolution” was important to my success. Diet and exercise are absolutely important, but in order to find success, it’s important to deal with the emotional and spiritual issues that are often subconsciously tied to the way we eat and move.

This challenge was the most well-rounded plan I have seen or participated in. I learned so much about why and when I eat. In twenty-one days, I gained more energy and my clothes finally fit well.

I am so grateful for Christine and her encouragement and leadership.”

Christina Custodio
Speaker & Writer

"70 pounds and my cane...gone!"

“Not long ago I was hopeless in my health. At 46 years old I walked with a cane, took strong presciptions, had insulin resistance and pre-diabetes––but didn’t know what to do about it. What else could I try? Nothing worked.

But God used Christine’s story to rescue me from my pit of despair. She shared her story of miraculous transformation with a low carb lifestyle fueled by joy and Jesus. She’s a wealth of information on healing chronic body, mine, heart, and soul issues! I’ve been on my own journey now for three years, but still count on Christine to inspire, educate, guide, and encourage me every day.

This new lifestyle improved my health almost instantly. Seventy pounds and my cane…gone! Joy has found its way back into my heart. I will never be able to thank God or Christine enough for her kind guidance and joy-filled encouragement.

Christina England
Blogger & Speaker

Christina headshot

"I have stuck to my one goal...I have put in the hard work. I feel better, my clothes fit, and my energy has skyrocketed."

“The past year I realized I didn’t feel well and had low energy. I did some deep soul-searching and reflected on witnessing Christine’s journey of complete life transformation. Hard truth…I needed to make a change fast.

However, I didn’t think I could, but Christine is my long-time best friend…she knew I could. She encouraged me to start with one change, set one goal, and promised to be my biggest cheerleader. That sounded doable!

Six months later, I have stuck to my one goal PLUS added many others. I have put in the hard work. I feel better, my clothes, fit, and my energy has skyrocketed. And I can’t fail to mention the contagious joy Christine shares all day, every day! I’m thankful God gave her this joy filled journey to share with me, too.”

Diana Keefe
Principal, Lower Elementary

Once you start, you'll never look back!

Imagine . . .

Finally leaving failure in the dust!

Filling up and fueling up on Jesus and His JOY. Ain’t nothing gonna to stop you now!

Putting it all together to intertwine physical, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness!

Facing each day with a new sense of freedom from the aches and pains in your body, mind, and spirit!

Christine Trimpe

Turning my health issues over to the Lord
completely transformed my life!

He healed my physical afflictions.

He helped me dump the emotional baggage holding me back.
Whoaaaa, gals. He really did create us for a purpose.

He met me in my despair and rescued my spiritual walk
and witness for His glory.

Christine Trimpe waving

He lit a burning passing in my spirit for His Word. I ditched loaves of bread for the Bread of Life. He satisfies my soul.

He fills me with JOY. My passion is to pass it along to you. These joyful lessons I’ve learned are contagious and practical––I’ve seen it play out every day in the lives of my friends and family.

I’ve gone from living in a great big hairy mess to pursuing God’s best plan for my health and wellness––body, mind, and spirit. You can, too!

We know Jesus equips us with His power, love, and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7). That’s His gift to you, right now. No fear in stepping out in this journey.

Jump in for this Sugar-FREED and JOY FUELED LIVING journey for Jesus. It’s going to be wild! I’ll catch you soon in the Facebook group.

With Joy,
Christine Trimpe
Certified Christian Health & Wellness Coach