She Writes For Him: Stories of Living Hope


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Thirty stories of hope in navigating: Cancer | Addictions | Abuse | Mental Health | Suffering

Redemption Press's second book in a series meant to infuse hope and courage in others who have experienced a similar journey; readers will know they are not alone and can find healing.

She Writes for Him: Stories of Living Hope (Back Cover)

Featuring Best-Selling Authors:
Liz Curtis Higgs, Pam Farrel, Debbie Alsdorf

and Finding Freedom from Formidable Food by Christine Trimpe.

When we go through hard times we long for those who understand, who have gone down this road before us. This is your tribe.

In this second edition of She Writes for Him: Stories of Living Hope you will hear voices of women sharing discoveries of hope, and even joy, they’ve uncovered in the most unlikely circumstances—the hard places of cancer, addiction, abuse, mental health issues, and suffering.

Voices of experience, empathy, and encouragement share the shock of a cancer diagnosis, the need for a support structure, and how to endure the long haul of treatments.

When addiction reaches into a family, one woman finds a way to honor her alcoholic father, another shares how to deal with addicted family members, and a third shares her path to triumph over a very real food addiction. From mental and spiritual abuse to the often-hidden shame of mental illness, to escaping the violence of an outlaw gang, women relate their candid true-life stories.

These transparent accounts of finding the hope Christ gives will strengthen your faith and bring you inspiration for the circumstances of your own life.

Contributing Authors:

Debbie Alsdorf, Dr. Michelle Bengtson, Cynthia Cavanaugh, Sara Cormany, Jenn Dafoe-Turner, Natasha Lynn Daniels, Cherie Denna, Pam Farrel, Denise Ann Goosby, Maureen Hager, Liz Curtis Higgs, Monique Holenko, Athena Dean Holtz, Teresa Janzen, Paula Jauch, Cheri Keaggy, Sara Kennerley, Carol Larson, Carole Leathem, Lizann Lightfoot, Missy Linkletter, Cheryl Lutz, Phylis Mantelli, Jacqueline Middler, Margaret Molloy, T. Elizabeth Renich, Jennifer E. Sakata, Faye Sant’Anna, Christine Trimpe

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