Are You Craving Rest Down in Your Soul?

Feb 25, 2022 | Bible & Beans Blog

Lessons from Psalm 23 {Part 1 of 5}
by Christine Trimpe

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures.
He leads me beside still waters.

Psalm 23:1–2 ESV

Are you living life exhausted?  Constant fatigue that you can’t seem to overcome in your day-to-day life? Or how about the heaviness and burden of weariness? Are you craving rest down in your soul?

I completely understand that feeling of pure exhaustion and the weight of weariness.

First of all, while I was 100 pounds overweight, I lived each day in that realm. There was never a day when I was caught up in my sleep enough to lift the brain fog of my day-to-day existence. The vicious cycle led to emotional and spiritual exhaustion, as well. I didn’t know how much at the time.

Second, living through an intense season of trial can leave a gal bone-weary.

Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Exhaustion

I consider the exhaustion a physical sign and my weariness a spiritual symbol of my overall health. And I strive to stay healthy in body, mind, and spirit––so what’s a gal to do?

Does that resonate with you, too? We can all relate to exhaustion and weariness at some time in our life. There is hope for us all in Psalm 23.

I lived in a brain fog for so many years that I overlooked this psalm’s deep passion. I’ve read the first few verses of Psalm 23 repeatedly through my many years as a casual Christian, but never like I read them now. 

Searching for Rest in Scripture

Before you read any further, grab your Bible and read Psalm 23 right now. Look for the theme of rest today.

I woke up today at 3 am (2/23/22), and my first thought was, “Yay! Today is the 23rd. When I get to my quiet time, I’ll get to read Psalm 23.” This thought soothed my soul, and I drifted back to sleep.

Waking up, I settled in with my Bible and Beans™ and thought, “what new exciting things can God teach me in Psalm 23”?  I could probably recite it if needed; at least give a pretty good summary of everything it said. 

God’s timing is perfect, as my mind was racing through my “to-do” list and wondering how I could enjoy some much-needed rest my soul is longing for.

Our Source of Rest

There is so much in this small chapter, but I want to break it down into five blog posts–beginning with this theme of rest.

Verse 1: The Lord is MY shepherd, I shall not be in want.

Okay, so guess what? We must be sheep for a moment. Sheep need constant and total care from a shepherd. They are helpless creatures and prone to wander. 

So, what does this mean for us? We must be dependent on our Shepherd for all things!  This means every aspect of our life: complete and total surrender and dependence on our creator.  I wrote the following in my devotional notebook: Sheep need comprehensive care! This means I should submit my entire being to the Lord, my Shepherd. He’s got this; He’s got our trial all worked out already!  

Does “He’s got this!” apply to your life right now? Complete and total surrender?

Verse 2: He makes me lie down in green pastures. 

Put your sheep wool coat on again. How do you think sheep feel if they are lying down in green pastures? I think they are feeling very contented and safe.  So content and secure that they can rest

I picture these green pastures providing all the needs of these sheep, too.  It’s a perfect picture of how we can rest in Him, knowing that He will meet all our needs. From rest to provisions, to security in Him.

Verse 2: He leads me beside quiet waters. 

He is leading us—what a peaceful picture of His leading to quiet, still waters. Waters will renew and refresh us and again provide for our physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

As I contemplate my need for rest, I picture my time sitting on the edge of a peaceful lake in northern Michigan. My heart is full of the knowledge that He will lead us to places of rest when we most need it. And although I can’t be by the side of the still waters of the lake today, I am comfy in my brown leather chair, sipping a piping hot cup of coffee and delighting in His Word. Hear my sigh of contentment. Sigh.

How good is He when we ask for things in His will?

Satisfying Our Craving for Rest

Perhaps right now, you can’t see beyond the “tired.” I know, I do know. I genuinely understand how unrested you can feel if you’re suffering from physical ailments from living a life of obesity or metabolic dysfunction. My body was unable to feel rested for three decades!

It’s also hard to rest in our fast-paced world. We need to make our best effort daily to rest in Him.  Spend time with Him every day. If you experience a restful time with Him, I guarantee that you will feel the benefits of this life-giving relationship. I encourage getting up early and making this priority. It will change your life.

Not a morning person? Neither was I. Now early morning hours are my favorite time of my day. I’m awake, no longer sleeping–but I am resting in Him. 

I wish to pass on to you the promise that He can renew your joy and zeal for daily life if you trust Him to meet your needs in your daily healthy living––in body, mind, and spirit. My healthy lifestyle has brought me to this spiritual healing in so many ways that I hope to share with you through these blog posts.  One of the best gifts from Him is the ability to rest in Him.

We can rest in His care. Imagine relaxing and resting in Him as you read this verse:

Isaiah 41:11

He tends his flock like a shepherd:
He gathers the lambs in his arms
And carries them close to his heart;
He gently leads those that have young. 

Look, He is holding you close to his heart. You can rest in His arms.

Rest in His Arms

I want to encourage you to begin or continue this joy-seeking journey of resting in His arms. Start praying for God to provide you with physical, emotional, and spiritual rest. He promises in Psalm 23 that He is our source of rest. As you begin to trust Him for that rest, trust in His provisions, and rely on safety in Him. He will start or continue the work in you to renew your rest with joy. Contended rest in green pastures near quiet waters. What bliss! 

I want to leave you with a beautiful worship song from my favorite Christian band, Rend Collective. I keep singing this over and over in my mind as I ponder Psalm 23 in a whole new way.  I’m sure that they used this beloved Psalm as they wrote this song, “Counting Every Blessing.”  Reflecting on their lyrics, I think they would get how to read this psalm with a whole new heart. You can watch their official music video here: Counting Every Blessing

Now, excuse me while I sit in solitude and pour out my praise for this time of rest. God is so good to us.

How will you rest today? Leave a comment below.

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I just posted a video about things that I’ve learned and things that help me rest:

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