Be Right Back!

Jul 7, 2020 | Bible & Beans Blog

Be Right Back Announcement

When life happens . . .

Hello Joy Seekers. Just like that . . . life circumstances can sure throw you for loop. Something unexpected came up at home which needs my undivided attention. I don’t want to rush through editing my blog post on love, power, and self-control which is the follow up to my post Fan The Flame. This scripture is so meaningful to my joyful journey, it requires my full attention.

Also, I’m attending the Speak Up Conference this week! I’m super excited to gather with other Christian speakers and writers to develop our craft. All with the purpose to share great big God stories for His glory!

Are you attending Speak Up with me? If yes, drop a comment below and I’ll watch for you in the breakout sessions.

Have a great week, Joy Seekers!
Christine xoxo

What I’m listening to this week (stumbled on this at just the perfect time this week): Mountain High + Spontaneous Worship | Melissa Helser with Cageless Birds