God is Always on Time. Right on Time.

Apr 16, 2021 | Bible & Beans Blog

Why, why, why? And when? From the first words we speak as babes, these questions are always on our lips. As we journey through our life with Jesus, we often question God, “Why and when will you answer me, Lord?” Could it be true that “God is Always on Time?”

I’m studying Exodus right now with First5 and watching the reactions of these Israelites in the early chapters of this amazing story. Right now, they are trapped in cruel bondage (Exodus 5 and 6) and they are asking a lot of why and when questions. Part of me never understands their reactions, but then the Holy Spirit reminds me––hey, that’s you, too. Guilty.

are you guilty of asking the wrong questions, too?

So, it’s true. I lived in bondage for decades. I was a slave to satisfying my body, mind, and spirit with anything and everything other than a relationship with Jesus and His Word. Mostly food, which led to many chronic health conditions. Also, materialism and chronic complaining. Like asking, “Why me, God?” Sometimes, I ask the Lord “Why did it take You so long to capture my attention?”

Is God always on time?

Now that I’ve been in His Word daily for almost five years, I must answer with a resounding “Yes!”

Why did it take so long? I have a few of my favorite “RE” words that stand out: refining, restoring, renewing, redeeming.

Because, all these “-ing” words take time. As God drags us through these processes, can you trust that God is always on time? Do you trust He has a timely purpose for your pain?

Yesterday, one of the participants in my current 21 Days Challenge in 2021 asked for some encouragement to return to reading God’s Word. My first thought was to run to God. Run, do not walk, to return to the daily nourishment of His Word. Perhaps she is in a season of drought, full of many hardships. Perhaps you are facing trials, too.

These words from the prophet should encourage you. Jeremiah 15:16 (NIV):

When your words came, I ate them;
They were my joy and my heart’s delight,
For I bear Your name,
O LORD, God Almighty.

When Your words came, at the right time, I ate them. I digested them. I devoured them. This is what now satisfies my soul.

Can you commit to god’s word daily?

Part of the challenge of the 21 Days event is a commitment to being in God’s Word every day. I’ve asked everyone to share their personal Bible study plan. I appreciate this participant shared she is struggling. Just like those Israelites. Just like I did so many times over decades.

I have processed my regrets that I neglected God’s Word all these years, and I accept that it wasn’t the right time until I reached the age of fifty.

Because now that experience drives my passion to encourage women to be in the Word daily. It’s the number one goal of the mission of Joy Fueled Living.

As my pastor likes to say, start the daily discipline of spending time in God’s Word. Before long, just like Jeremiah shares, it will be your heart’s delight. Or I like to put it this way, since I’m a planner and like to practice things…this daily practice will turn into the passion of your life.

God is always on time. And today He might be prompting you to get into His Word if you’re out of practice or He might be prompting you to dive deeper and trust Him in your current storms in life.

Today, as you are working through the process of restoring your body, renewing your mind, and redeeming your spiritual walk with God, just trust that God is right on time for you.

I’ll leave you with the “Question of the Day” from the First5 study this morning.

QUESTION: “God addressed Moses’ complaints by turning the focus from the problem to His person. What aspect of God’s character helps restore a right perspective when you feel discouraged?”[1]

My answer is:

“God is always on time. My God shows up

every day in every way without delay.

I can trust this through any storm.”

Christine Trimpe

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[1] https://app.first5.org/first5, accessed April 15, 2021