Speaking of Joy! {Let’s Countdown to Christmas through Luke}

Nov 1, 2021 | Bible & Beans Blog

Hello Joy-Seekers!

Speaking of Joy…! Let’s do it.

It’s been my absolute delight and honor to share the good news of great joy through podcast guest and media appearances.

I’ll keep this blogpost updated, so you can catch an episode or two. Or ten!

If you enjoy an episode, will you kindly share on your own social media. It really helps spread the word of this good news for anyone Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke this year. And it will help spread the news of my dear friends who took the time to interview me.

Are you ready to countdown to Christmas through book of Luke this December? Make sure to grab your copy of my new book on Amazon. For more details on all the ways to shop, visit my Seeking Joy Shop.

Overjoyed to be a guest on this AH-mazing podcast with the delightful Sharon Tedford and producer Gary! God in the Ordinary: Revealing God at Christmas.

I was honored to share the Isaiah 61 reflection for this episode, because as you may (or may not) know, Jesus quoted from the ancient scroll of Isaiah as recorded in Luke 4. I refer to this as His mic drop moment.

Oh what JOY! I was introduced to Stephanie (virtually) at the Speak Up Conference this past summer. I love the message that God is sharing through her––all the spice in the Gospel really resonates with my passion for God’s Word.

I was extremely humbled and delighted to be a guest on this special Christmas episode: Three Ways to Encounter Jesus this Christmas on Gospel Spice

It was an absolute delight to be a guest with Kristin Clouse on her Fully Restored podcast!

To listen to this episode, click the link below or find Fully Restored Podcast on your favorite podcast platform.

Spotify: Seeking Joy on the Fully Restored Podcast
Apple iTunes: Seeking Joy on the Fully Restored Podcast

It’s an honor today to be featured in two blog posts from author friends. Denise Wilson shares her insights on joy through the Gospel of Luke here: How to Prepare your Heart for Christmas.

And best-selling author, Kathy Collard Miller, is sharing and excerpt from the book along with a fun give-away! Head on over to her blog and leave a comment for your chance to win a signed copy of Seeking Joy through the Gospel of Luke: A Christmas to Calvary Advent Countdown. Go here: Book Drawing for Advent Devotional.

Oh what fun to be a guest with Dr. Michelle Bengston again. She’s a neuro-psychologist and has a great understanding of the emotional impact of transformations stories with Jesus. Today we talk about the heart transformation as we prepare for Advent.

Listen to Episode 136 HERE.

It was also an honor to write a guest blog post for her website here (NOTE the book give-away!!!): Three Tips to Set the Tone from your Home this Advent Season

I admire Cynthia Cavanaugh so much as she has poured a ton of wisdom over my calling into ministry. She reminds me to “stay in my lane!” In this episode we chat all things seeking joy, finding joy, sharing joy! Episode 42 of Soul Anchor. On Spotify. 11/16/21.

Do you have a Fierce Calling (YES, you do!)? I love being a guest on my friend Doris Swift’s podcast––Fierce Calling. A Countdown to Christmas Advent Journey in the Gospel of Luke. 11/16/21.

I love talking to Janell Rardon because she gets the magnitude and the depth of emotional and spiritual healing and growth. Listen in to Finding More Joy!

I connected with host Heather Oncken of Connecting in the Chaos over the desire to keep our focus in the Christmas chaos. Finding Joy in the Midst of Chaos.

Oooohhh! My friend Melony and I both love Linus (of Charlie Brown’s Christmas). So fun chatting with her on the real reason for the season. Watch on YouTube!

Let’s flourish this advent season. Join me and host Tina Yeager as we discuss the GOOD NEWS OF GREAT JOY!

Listen in while I chat with the owner of my publishing company (Redemption Press)––All Things Podcast with Athena Dean Holtz.

So much fun being with my speaking coach and mentor, Tammy Whitehurst, on Tammy & Friends! Watch on YouTube.

November 3, 2021 Life’s Best Medicine podcast with Dr. Brian Lenzkes. I have made some amazing friends in the low-carb community––especially this good doctor, Dr. Brian Lenzkes host of Life’s Best Medicine Podcast!
You’ll love the passion behind his podcast…Life’s Best Medicine, indeed! Today we talk about…spoiler alert…JOY!