Testimony Tuesday: God Answered a Specific Prayer

Jun 30, 2020 | Bible & Beans Blog

Right on time, as usual.

God Answered a Specific Prayer

Welcome to Testimony Tuesday. I’ll get back Fan the Flame (Part 2) next week, but today I must share an awesome testimony on how God answered a specific prayer. Today’s testimony is a story of living hope. I hoped to be published in 2020 and the past eighteen months of hardship really slowed down my writing, but…read on. Below is my Facebook post yesterday in which I revealed a tremendous blessing from God.

Sunday, June 28, 2020. Here’s my follow-up to my post from June 17 where I praised God for a very specific answer to prayer and would share more details later. Well, it’s later, and I’ve actually had the extra details since Wednesday, but I still wanted to hold this close to my chest. But today another God-incidence happened to stir the excitement over this answered prayer. I still can’t believe this!

I prayed very specifically about being involved in a publication and God very specifically told me not to jump YET. So, I believed the timing was not correct for this particular opportunity. He whispered to me, “you will be involved, but just wait.” And so, I waited.

A few days later I was PICKED to participate in this project, not by my action–truly by His. And I was blown away by how He guided me and directed me to have patience and in return received this blessing.

Now, I’ll still keep close to my chest the topic of my story, but I will tell you that the compilation will be a book on the theme of “Living Hope”. I have this living hope because of everything that I’m holding in my hands here and all it represents in my journey of healing. A journey healing physically, emotionally, and most importantly, spiritually. I’m so blessed that I’m able to share a story of LIVING HOPE with readers.

And if that isn’t exciting enough, I have more. As I started to brainstorm scripture and application the other day, my dear friend, Shannon, shared one of the scriptures with me randomly. My heart skipped a beat!

But wait, there’s more! My pastor started a brand-new summer series today. Guess what the theme of the series is? Would you believe LIVING HOPE? Of course you would! Because that is how God works. Pastor Adam’s scripture reference today in 1 Peter is also on my brainstorming list. I wanted to do cartwheels on the church lawn, but I also didn’t want to hurt myself or embarrass my boys. Hah.

I talked to my pastor afterwards, because quite honestly, it’s freaky the way the Holy Spirit keeps showing up between what God is laying on our hearts in unison so often the past few years. Freaky good and so confirming all the time!

I hadn’t told him about the publishing news yet, and I uttered out loud for the first time, “I had a dream on my heart to publish in 2020, and since my manuscript on my book in process was paused while I navigated through some hard stuff, I didn’t think that dream would actually happen. And here, He gifts me with the chance to be published in 2020.” 

Speaking my dreams out loud is hard for me, and yet here I am sharing with you, too. I’m going to be published in a beautiful, hard cover book alongside anointed authors like Liz Curtis HiggsDebbie Alsdorf, and recording artist, Cheri Keaggy. Pinch me! How beautiful the way God orchestrates our steps when we cry out, communicate, and worship Him in our journey! A joyful journey, indeed.

If you could pray for me as the words flow through this (secret) hard topic, I would sure appreciate it. And stay tuned for more details on the book launch in late 2020. Twenty-Twenty! Wee!

Now…I should go because for the first time ever, I’m under a writing deadline. HAH!

But before I go, share a story below on how God answered a specific prayer for you recently. I’d love to read your story, too. God is good, am I right?

What I’m listening to: Living Hope (of course)!

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